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I School Interviewing Workshop

Wednesday, February 8, 2023
5:30 pm to 6:45 pm PST

If you’re hoping to brush up on your interviewing skills and maybe even learn some “tricks of the trade” from people who have been in your shoes before, this is the event for you!

Alumni from different fields will be available in breakout rooms to provide insight and answer your questions about interviewing and to tell you how they nailed the interview and landed the job! Fields represented will include: UX design, UX research, data science, engineering (privacy, ML, software), cybersecurity, product management, and leadership/management.

Breakout Rooms

Management & Leadership Interviews

  • Nathan Weibe (MICS)
    CISO+ ACIO- at Contra Costa County

  • James Winegar (MIDS)
    CEO at CorrDyn

  • Vinicius Da Costa (MICS)
    SVP Zero Trust Architecture at Bank of America

  • Prabhu Narsina (MIDS)
    VP, Data, Data Applications, and Data Science

UX Design & Research Interviews 

  • Shaun Bhargav (MIMS)
    UX Designer at Joby Aviation

  • Dina Bseiso (MIMS)
    Senior UX Researcher at Google

  • Meena Kaushik (MIMS)
    UX Designer at Google

Data Science Interviews 

  • Shanti Greene (MIDS)
    Executive Principal at Daugherty Business Solutions

  • Swetha Pola (5th Year MIDS)
    Data Scientist at Audible

  • Jeff Li (MIDS)
    Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft

Engineering Interviews

  • Changran Hu (MIMS)
    Software Engineer at Sambanova

  • Patricia Degner (MIDS)
    Software Development Engineer (ML team) at Amazon

  • Ramya Ramesh (MIMS)
    ML Engineer at Amazon 

Product Management Interviews 

  • Emmly Lau (MIDS)
    Principal Product Manager at Twitch

  • Vineet Vashist (MIMS)
    Product Manager, Cloud at Splunk

  • Nicole Chi (MIMS)
    Product Manager, Trust and Safety at TikTok

Cybersecurity Interviews 

  • Aldo Lagrutta (MICS)
    Internal Audit - Cloud & Technical Infrastructure Site Lead at Google

  • Ashutosh Singh (MICS)
    Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

  • Andrew Cal (MICS)
    VP, Strategic Operations Group, Cyber Practice at WestCap

  • Leena Singal (MICS)
    Product Management for Security Products, Amazon

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