The Future of Data Science and Machine Learning at Scale: A Look at MLflow, Delta Lake, and Emerging Tools

Wednesday, February 10, 2021
5:30 pm to 6:30 pm PST
Jules S. Damji

The Future of Data Science and Machine Learning at Scale — Jules S. Damji, Databricks

The Future of Data Science and Machine Learning at Scale — Jules S. Damji, Databricks

Many had dubbed 2020 as the decade of data. This is indeed an era of data zeitgeist.

From code-centric software development 1.0, we are entering software development 2.0, a data-centric and data-driven approach, where data plays a central theme in our everyday lives.

As the volume and variety of data garnered from myriad data sources continue to grow at an astronomical scale and as cloud computing offers cheap computing and data storage resources at scale, the data platforms have to match in their abilities to process, analyze, and visualize at scale and speed and with ease — this involves data paradigm shifts in processing and storing and in providing programming frameworks to developers to access and work with these data platforms.

In this talk, we will survey some emerging technologies that address the challenges of data at scale, how these tools help data scientists and machine learning developers with their data tasks, why they scale, and how they facilitate the future data scientists to start quickly.

In particular, we will examine in detail two open-source tools MLflow (for machine learning life cycle development) and Delta Lake (for reliable storage for structured and unstructured data).

Other emerging tools such as Koalas help data scientists to do exploratory data analysis at scale in a language and framework they are familiar with as well as emerging data + AI trends in 2021.

You will understand the challenges of machine learning model development at scale, why you need reliable and scalable storage, and what other open source tools are at your disposal to do data science and machine learning at scale.

Jules S. Damji is a developer advocate at Databricks and an MLflow contributor. He is a hands-on developer with over 15 years of experience and has worked at leading companies, such as Sun Microsystems, Netscape, @Home, Opsware/LoudCloud, VeriSign, ProQuest, and Hortonworks, building large-scale distributed systems. He holds a B.Sc and M.Sc in computer science (from Oregon State University and Cal State, Chico respectively), and an MA in political advocacy and communication (from Johns Hopkins University).

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Jules S. Damji
Jules S. Damji


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