CLTC Seminar Series

CLTC 2021 Research Exchange

Thursday, October 7, 2021
10:00 am to 12:15 pm PDT

The 2021 CLTC Research Exchange will feature the work of a diverse group of CLTC-affiliated researchers who are pushing the boundaries of technology, social science, and the humanities to positively influence how individuals, organizations, and governments act on foresight and help expand who gets to participate in — and has access to — cybersecurity. This year’s event will be held online, so participants are welcome from anywhere in the world!

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Featured talks include:

Panel: The Future of Public Interest Cybersecurity Clinics

Civil society has never been more important to driving social change. It is an essential element for healthy democracies, human rights, and justice. But it has never faced as many threats as it does today, from cyberattacks on activists to the targeted spread of disinformation. Many individuals and organizations in civil society don’t have the resources to secure their digital footprints and effectively defend themselves.

In this panel, we are joined by leaders from the public interest cybersecurity community who are working to train the next generation of multidisciplinary public interest technologists and empower organizations to use technology to fulfill their missions, defend against digital threats, and build digital capabilities. Panelists will share about their work in public-interest cybersecurity, reflect on trends and initiatives they’re seeing in the field, and where more academic research is needed.

Panel: How Leaders Generate and Use Cybersecurity Foresight

Cybersecurity is a dynamic competition between attackers and defenders, which means the ability to foresee future challenges is a nearly essential capability. It’s hard to generate quality foresight in such a complicated environment; it’s sometimes even harder to make foresight actionable inside organizations. In this panel, industry experts will help us understand how can we get better at both.

Panelists will discuss: personal stories of their own unanticipated challenges and the lessons learned that inform their future-planning; how a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives informs better solutions; preparing for known (and unknown) long-term issues and the trends they see as most critical; how the academic research community can equip industry to better address these issues; and how leaders balance foresight and long-term planning with the urgent needs of the moment.

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