Data Science Interviewing, Part 1: Interview Strategies for Data Scientists and Data Professionals

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

All I School students and alumni are welcome.

In this first of two sessions, our presenters will give an overview of the data science interview process including some of the differences in interviews by role (specialist vs. generalist; analyst vs. engineer; applied vs. research). They will also share their recommendations for resources to help you prepare effectively.

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(Be sure to also register for Part 2 on March 12.)


Vimarsh Karbhari is the co-founder of Acing AI and Acing Data Science Interviews. He has ten years of engineering experience across e-commerce, security and software systems and currently works as an engineering manager. Vimarsh has an MS in computer science from USC.

Johannes Giorgis is the co-founder of Acing AI and Acing Data Science Interviews. He has over five years of engineering and operations experience in the financial technology and IoT industries and currently works as a senior software engineer at an IoT startup. Johannes has an MS in electrical engineering from Stanford.

Acing Data Science Interviews is an online learning platform they developed to help data professionals ace data science interviews.

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February 27, 2020