WiDS Berkeley

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Monday, March 4, 2019
12:10 pm to 4:15 pm
South Hall

The UC Berkeley School of Information is excited to partner with Stanford University to bring the Women in Data Science (WiDS) conference to Berkeley, California.

The Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference is an annual one-day technical conference based at Stanford, which brings together data scientists and professionals in adjacent fields from around the globe to discuss the latest research and applications of data science in a broad set of domains. Participants learn how leading-edge companies are leveraging data science for success and connect with potential mentors, collaborators, and others in the field.

Keynotes and technical talks from the WiDS conference at Stanford will be live streamed.

All genders are invited to participate in the conference, which features exclusively female speakers.

In partnership with the main conference live stream, WiDS Berkeley features on-location events with distinguished speakers from the Bay Area in academia and industry.

12:10 - 1:00 pm

Panel: Women in Machine Learning

202 South Hall

Michelle Carney
Machine Learning Specialist and UX Designer, Amazon
Founder, Machine Learning and User Experience Meetup
Machine learning instructor, Stanford d.school

Dr. Jen Jen Chen
Physician Data Scientist at Curai
Berkeley MIDS 2018

Additional panelist(s) TBA

3:15 - 3:45 pm 

Tech Talk: The Myth of the Self-Taught Programmer

205 South Hall

Dr. Morgan Ames
Lecturer and postdoctoral scholar
UC Berkeley School of Information

3:45 - 4:15 pm

Tech Talk: The Building Blocks of Gender Equality: Health, Education, and Employment

Anna Jacobson
Senior Preconstruction Manager, Morley Builders
Berkeley MIDS student
Winner of Google Cloud's Visualize 2030 contest

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February 12, 2019