Wells Fargo Career Information Session & Pizza Dinner

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
5:00 pm to 6:15 pm

Join leaders from Wells Fargo for a presentation on the opportunities at and benefits of working in the Enterprise Analytics and Data Science Division at Wells Fargo Bank while enjoying a pizza dinner.

This event will be live streamed, but will not be available for future viewing. Please register below for the instructions for connecting online.



Krish Swamy
Senior Vice President of Enterprise Analytics & Data Science
Wells Fargo

Krish Swamy is senior vice president of enterprise analytics and data science at Wells Fargo. Throughout his career, Krish has been a thought-leader around the application of information towards greater customer value and better business outcomes. At Wells Fargo, Krish has been driving innovation through building and growing a machine learning and artificial intelligence competency. Additionally, he is also leading a key initiative at the bank to transform and modernize the practice of analytics and its integration with modern data management practices. Krish has a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management.

Shiraz Chakraverty
Data Science Manager, Enterprise Analytics & Data Science
Wells Fargo
MIDS 2019

Shiraz leads predictive modeling projects for wholesale, small business and retail banking businesses. Shiraz has 20 years of progressive experience in machine learning, data mining, predictive analytics, talent development in health care, government, insurance, telecommunication and research. Shiraz has led analytical professional services practices in his previous roles implementing complex modeling solutions for major hospitals, US government agencies, and telecommunication service providers. Listening to the “voice of the customer”, Shiraz strives to develop motivated, high performing model development teams driven by maximizing benefit realization.  He holds an MBA from the University of Colorado and will become a MIDS graduate from UC Berkeley in 2019.

Allen Chen
Data Scientist, Enterprise Analytics & Data Science
Wells Fargo

Allen Chen recently joined Wells Fargo as a data scientist in enterprise analytics and data science (EADS) after graduating from UC Berkeley in May 2019. At Wells Fargo, he works on the surveillance project that applies natural language processing techniques on text data to capture human intent and behaviors at scale. He holds bachelor’s degrees in statistics and computer science from UC Berkeley.

Julia Kosheleva-Coats
VP, Head of Personalization AI Model Development
Wells Fargo
MIMS 2014

Julia Kosheleva-Coats is a vice president of enterprise analytics and data science at Wells Fargo Bank. She leads the development of AI/ML models to design personalized customer experiences. Her work is focused on building a system of predictive models that will transform the way Wells Fargo interacts with customers and the way the bank uses its vast collection of data to better serve them. Julia previously led a team of analytics and data science professionals in the Wholesale Banking division of Wells Fargo. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from San Francisco State University and a MIMS degree from UC Berkeley.

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