Information Access Seminar

Augmented Reality and The Public

Friday, April 12, 2019
3:10 pm to 4:00 pm
Nicole-Hadassah Valdez

We will explore how augmented reality affects image, movement, and consciousness by analyzing the effects of Instagram filters, Google Map’s live directions, and Pokémon Go’s gamification on publics. First, I will take us through the popularity and functions of augmented reality in these three case studies, and then, I will undertake the explanation of AR’s implications on group experience. These implications, will then, be tied back to the problem of chronicling hybridized experience as an imposition of truths onto a plastic web that structures simulated information. Lastly, I will contrast the possibilities of AR’s strengths as enhancements on “real life” by introducing real time editing as an empowering tool that shapes the image of historical narratives that account for the public.

This is the first half of the April 12 Friday afternoon Information Access Seminar. This presentation will be immediately followed by In DOCAM’s Footsteps, a new documentary film.

Nicole-Hadassah Valdez is a senior studying interdisciplinary studies and rhetoric. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she grew up appreciating multiple cultures and forms of thought, which brought her to concerns regarding the authority of information and the power of big data. As tools for argumentation, numerical values quantify experiences that each carry a story to compel an audience. She hopes to work for a quasi-public, or entirely public organization to serve local communities and streamline access to (financial and developmental) information.

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