Product Management Careers

Thursday, September 27, 2018
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Career Center, 2440 Bancroft, Gold Room

Sponsored by the UC Berkeley Career Center

Imagine what it would be like taking products, especially complex products to market and then keeping them up to date. What about products like Tesler’s Powerwall, or services like LinkedIn. Product Management covers the strategy, roadmap, and feature definition for that product or product line. It may also include marketing, forecasting, and profit and loss (P&L) responsibilities. As a profession it is continuing to grow.

Demand for qualified product managers is growing at every level. There are a variety of roles and responsibilities depending on experience level. Opportunities range from an Associate/Junior Product Manager and Product Analyst all the way to Chief Product Officer (CPO) or Chief Innovation and Product Officer (CIPO). According to Glassdoor the average base salary for product management roles in the United States is around $114,000 and can rise to a very attractive total compensation package for CPOs.

Come along to discover the rewarding opportunities product management provides.

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August 16, 2018