Information Access Seminar

Data in the Higher Education Curriculum

Friday, November 9, 2018
3:10 pm to 5:00 pm
Cathryn Carson

Undergraduate institutions nationally and internationally are increasingly grappling with how to provide data analytic competencies to their students. This talk offers three lines of sight into this development, reflecting on drivers internationally (looking at the case of a recent German national initiative), nationally (taking a synoptic look at recent U.S. efforts), and at UC Berkeley.

Cathryn Carson is the faculty lead of the undergraduate data science program at Berkeley. She is a historian and ethnographer of contemporary science and technology, a professor of history, and a senior fellow of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. Before getting her PhD in history, she was trained in computational condensed matter physics. As Associate Dean of Social Sciences, she built D-Lab, which opened in 2013 and serves social scientists (and others) across campus doing data-intensive research. Her historical research is on Heidegger and science, including theoretical physics and conceptions of data and on risk and simulations in nuclear waste management.

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