Creating a Culture of Digital Transformation

Monday, October 8, 2018
2:10 pm to 3:30 pm
Stephen Comstock, CIO of CBS Interactive

In this talk, Steve will discuss CBS’s digital strategy, the organizational culture at CBSi, and how both strategy and culture shape the use of technology there. Just maybe, he’ll also talk about live streaming of the 50th Super Bowl on CBS last  year.

Stephen Comstock is the CIO of CBS Interactive (CBSi), the digital division of CBS. During his time with CBSi, he has helped transform the way individuals and CBSi brands operate. He has enabled the transformation of multiple CBS brands into the digital, direct-to consumer-era, including CBS All Access, CBSN digital news, and digital streaming of the Super Bowl. He’s also introduced new mobile technologies and new methods of data delivery and storage, improved security through true single sign-on with multi-factor authentication, and negotiated major deals with key suppliers to help improve overall profit margins.

Stephen believes in the mantra “Technology without culture is just technology” (source: Will.I.Am) and that leadership and effective change are as important as the technology itself. Stephen has spoken on the topic of technology and business integration, the culture of technology and how to use technology to create a culture of collaboration.

Steve relaxes by exploring the art of the story and how it can improve the human condition, along with his family volunteering with numerous charities, expanding his knowledge of business strategy and continually improving his role as husband and father.

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July 20, 2018