Information Access Seminar

Mapping & Visualization of Cultural Data: Native California, Mosques in China, Maritime Buddhism

Friday, April 21, 2017
3:10 pm to 5:00 pm
Jeanette Zerneke, Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative

The current popularity of Digital Humanities provides an opportunity to examine issues in mapping and visualization of transdisciplinary data. This presentation includes: demos of early California history; mapping of religious institutions in China; and a collaborative project mapping the migration of Buddhism from India through Southeast Asia to China. With these ECAI projects as case studies the presentation will consider themes including: data collection and curation, the function of visualizations, technical choices, collaboration, and what are the results and academic outcomes.   

Jeanette Zerneke has been the technical director of the Electonic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI) since 1998 and has worked at UC Berkeley for over 30 years as an information system developer and manager. At ECAI, Jeanette has created a wide range of digital resources, contributed to development of many new technologies, participated in local and global collaborations, managed development of cultural atlases, and designed and hosted conferences, workshops, and training sessions.

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