Clearing the Clutter: An Overview of the Marketing Analytics Ecosystem

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Michael Koved

Marketers want to deliver timely and relevant messages to their customers in support of brand building, acquisition, cross-sell, and retention. Though there are a wide array of channels, tools, and technologies available to multi-channel, multi-product marketers, the path to success is not an easy one.

The most formidable challenges include:

  • What delivery tools and technologies are available to marketers?
  • Where and how to spend marketing dollars most effectively?
  • What metrics should be set to gauge success?
  • What data are available to and generated by the ecosystem?

The tools, metric and data used to execute and evaluate marketing spend can be described as the marketing analytics “ecosystem.” A common industry term is the marketing technology stack.

This webinar will provide a topical overview of the ecosystem and a starting point for understanding the connectivity between the marketing technology stack, the data utilized, data generated, and useful metrics. The content shared is a preview to the spring 2018 course Info 290. Marketing Analytics Ecosystem: Customer Behavior, Data, and Technology, which Dr. Koved will be teaching.

Dr. Michael Koved is a leading marketing analytics practitioner and executive. His expertise is in driving customer-focused, revenue generating business. He bridges the crucial gap between the data/technical side of the equation and strategic/business initiatives. With 30 years of financial services experience (at Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, and Bank of America), Michael’s project portfolio includes detailed quantitative analytics, profitability measurement, assessing current environments to identify strategic gaps, and building strong, collaborative teams to lead projects from strategy through implementation. He effectively communicates complex ideas to multiple constituencies including C-Level business leaders.

Michael owns an analytics consultancy servicing multi-product, multi-channel companies on marketing and operations. He loves to teach and share ideas. This spring, Dr. Koved is teaching an analytics class at the UC Berkeley School of Information: Info 290. Marketing Analytics Ecosystem: Customer Behavior, Data, and Technology.

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