Information Visualization and Presentation Final Project Showcase

Friday, May 6, 2016
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
210 South Hall

Final project presentations for Info 247. Information Visualization and Presentation.

Stroll among demonstrations of twelve final projects by students who are using visualization to shed light on topics ranging from sports to music, from drugs and incarceration to refugees, from transit to online learning, and more!


Transit Signal Priority
Sai Dulla, Paul Sohn, and Jong-Kai Yang

Color Me Curious
Dina Bseiso and Natalie Goldberg

Venture Capitalists in Startup-land
Gracen Brilmyer, Daniel W. Chen, Carlo Liquido, and Pratik Nadagouda

Refugee Crisis
Eric Hagen, Rob Kuvinka, and Reema Naqvi

Drugs and Incarceration
Jason Danker, Molly Mahar, and Sasha Volkov

Cristian Garay, Keepa Kalpathi, and Pratibha Rathore

How Many Fish?
Max Curran, Emily Witt, Paul Glenn, and Andrea Gagliano

Learning Online
Hannah Gogel and Shir Nehama

Warning Visualization for JIT-Unfriendly Code
Liang Gong

Soccer Guru
Sameer Bajaj, Safei Gu, and Keshav Potluri

Tennis Strategies
Proxima DasMohapatra, Kinshuk, and Puneet Sharma

Tennis Player Comparisons
Owen Hsiao, Pi-Tan Hu, and Ganesh Iyer

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May 2, 2016