Information Access Seminar

Information Access: the last 25 years and the next 25 years

Friday, December 4, 2015
3:10 pm to 5:00 pm

To celebrate 25 years of the Friday Seminar, the co-chairs Clifford Lynch, Ray Larson, and Michael Buckland will each reflect on how their view of the policies, practices, and technologies related to information access have shifted and evolved during over that time period, drawing in part upon the shifting agenda for the seminar. They will then lead discussion speculating about developments that may drive the agenda for the next 25 years.

Some topics:

  • The evolution of the discipline: the ischool movement and data science
  • The re-invention of bibliography
  • The management and communication of research outcomes: public and open access, research data management, the role of software, etc.
  • The emergence of stewardship as a systematic practice and policy priority
  • The federation of disparate information and knowledge resources
  • Privacy and secrecy
  • The change in library services
  • Preservation at scale

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January 11, 2016