Information Access Seminar

Towards a Revolution in Publishing, and the Emerging New Calculus of Reader Privacy

Friday, May 2, 2014
3:10 pm to 5:00 pm
Jake Hartnell & Clifford Lynch

Towards a Revolution in Publishing
Jake Hartnell

This talk will advocate the advantages of books in the browser. It will propose a better architecture for distributing e-books (and other long-from written content), and explore new economic models for monetizing content, user contributions, and information in digital publishing.

The Emerging New Calculus of Reader Privacy
Clifford Lynch

In network-based publishing, whether journal articles or e-books, there is now a complex chain between author and reader, and at least in some scenarios, very detailed information about the reader and his or her behavior can be captured. Access to this information, or some redacted portion of it, is a point of negotiation all the way “back the chain” to the author. This talk will try to lay out a framework and examine what is happening in a few specific sectors at present, and briefly examine (or question) social norms in this area.

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