Information Access Seminar

Progress Reports: Towards a Revolution in Publishing & Redesign of Reference Works

Friday, March 21, 2014
3:10 pm to 5:00 pm
Jacob Hartnell & Michael Buckland

Towards a Revolution in Publishing: Progress Report
Jacob Hartnell

This talk will critique the current paradigm of how we create, discover, distribute, access, and monetize content and proposes some new ideas for how we should architect new information systems. Interesting discussion will surely ensue.

Redesign of Reference Works: Progress Report
Michael Buckland

Individual reference works have largely migrated to digital technology, but possibilities remain for redesigning them to be more suited to a digital environment and the possible reconstruction of the amenity and usefulness of a traditional library reference collection seems largely neglected. Reference works are ordered lists of individual records, each with a heading and a more or less structured descriptive explanation. The linguistic and functional roles of the parts are complex. Progress report and discussion.

Jake Hartnell writes science fiction, works for, and is a MIMS 2014 student.

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