Tangible User Interfaces: Student Project Exhibition

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
11:00 am to 12:30 pm

An open house student project exhibition of the "Theory and Practice of Tangible User Interfaces" class.

The Tangible User Interfaces course at the School of Information focuses on physical interaction with computational media. Students design and develop experimental applications, underlying technologies, and theories using concept sketches, posters, physical mock-ups, working prototypes, and a final project report.

The exhibition will take place on both Monday, May 2, and Wednesday, May 4. All projects will be on exhibit both days.

Stop by for some fun, food, and a chance to try the interfaces out for yourself!


This year's projects include:

Whispering Wall
Ariel Haney, Prayag Narula, Rami Taibah
Interactive art installation which allows you to whisper a secret to a wall. The words of this secret are then added to a cloud of words (other people's secrets) projected overhead. When then the clouds are saturated with secrets the words rain down the wall.

Get Cozy
Jeff Zych, Rowyn McDonald, Lizza Ha
Ever make tea and forget it on the counter, only to come back later and find it cold and oversteeped? Our solution to this problem is a tea cozy which changes color to reflect the temperature of the tea. While waiting for your tea to steep or cool, the cozy can be worn as a bracelet, acting as a reminder of the waiting cup of tea.

Oh Snap!: A Game of Focus
Avery Gee and Daniel Perry
Oh Snap! is a tangible game that helps users collaborate to combat stress and improve focus by manipulating a bucket using a series of strings, their heart rate variability, and a stress ball.

IP Over Xylophone Players (IPoXP)
Stuart Geiger, Yoon Jeong, Emily Wagner
We're building the Internet. Using xylophones!

Back Support
Alex Kantchelian, Erich Hacker, Walter Koning
Our back support TUI project gives visual and haptic feedback to users. The goal is to give guidance to people with back injuries and bad lifting habits.

Closet Genius
Melissa Yu
Closet Genius is a system that would assist users in coordinating outfits from the clothes in their closet, based on a variety of factors including the day's weather, occasion, and the user's personal style. The closet would involve interaction with a "touch-screen mirror" that displays the suggested outfits and other information.

Interactive Blowfish Baby Mobile
Cole Hartman
This baby mobile attempts to facilitate interaction between babies and adults (e.g. grandparents) who live in different cities. The adult can control the rotation of the baby mobile and inflation of the blowfish from an analogous controller in their own home and view the baby's reaction.

The Breathing Buddha
Annie Cheah
The Breathing Buddha is an interactive meditation space, where users can bring to life a Buddha with their breath.

Tangible Workflow
Apoorva Sachdev, Raghav Chandra, Karthik Lakshmanan
Visualize a project schedule as streams for irrigation. Each task is analogous to the flow of water through a water pipe, with deadlines represented as valves. Teams can map out their work flow on an interactive table using tokens, and use these physical tokens to access and manipulate information about each task.

More information:

Info 262: Theory and Practice of Tangible Interfaces

(photo: <a href="http://portfolio.thedailynathan.com/">Nathan Yan</a>)
(photo: <a href="http://portfolio.thedailynathan.com/">Nathan Yan</a>)
Sketches of student project ideas
Sketches of student project ideas

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