Design Futures Lecture

The Extreme Craft Roadshow

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
6:10 pm - 7:30 pm
BCNM Commons, 340 Moffitt Library, near the Free Speech Cafe
Garth Johnson

Over the past seven years, Garth Johnson has maintained the weblog Extreme Craft, which examines the field of craft through the prism of his unique sense of humor. The work showcased on his site vacillates gleefully between playful, provocative, and downright rude. From day one, the blog's tagline has been “art masquerading as craft, craft masquerading as art, and craft extending its middle finger.” The Extreme Craft Roadshow is a fast-paced one hour of “greatest hits” of the website that proves the lines between art, craft, and design have become hopelessly blurred.

The Design Futures Lecture Series is co-sponsored by the Berkeley Center for New Media and the School of Information.

Garth Johnson is a writer, artist, and educator who lives and works in Eureka, California.  He is an assistant professor of art at College of the Redwoods.  Garth has written for magazines like CRAFT, Readymade, FiberArts, and Hand/Eye.  His first book, 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse was published by Quarry in November, 2009.  He has also contributed to books like Handmade Nation, Craftivity, Craft Corps, and World of Geekcraft.  His work has been exhibited internationally, as well as featured in magazines such as The Observer, Ceramics Monthly, American Craft, and Metropolis.

Garth is also a curator, with two recent exhibitions under his belt. His first exhibition, “Renewal Notice”, was curated for the 2010 American Conservation Film Festival in Shepherdstown, WV.  His second exhibition, “Era Messages”, was curated from the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon.  That exhibition was on display at the museum from January to June 2011.

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