Open House

Information Visualization Showcase

Monday, May 10, 2010
12:30 pm to 2:00 pm

Join us for the final project presentation from this spring's "Information Visualization and Presentation" course (Information 247).

Student teams have created new and compelling visualizations to enhance comprehension and analysis of structured information. The presentations are as visually interesting as they are informative.

The goal of information visualization is the unveiling of the underlying structure of large or abstract data sets using visual representations that utilize the powerful processing capabilities of the human visual perceptual system. Information visualization is an exciting topic, and the last decade has witnessed the development of many interesting ideas about how to visualize abstract information.

The course teaches the use of graphics, animation, sound, visualization software, and hypermedia in presenting information to the user. Students experiment with various methods of presenting complex information to enhance comprehension and analysis.


  • MeLo (Karen Nomorosa, Nathan Yan, Niranjan Krishnamurthi)
  • Paper Maps (Joyce Tsai)
  • Thermostats (Becky Hurwitz, Daniel Perry)
  • KidOoDL (Annette Greiner, Nat Wharton, Mieke Leyssen)
  • Twitter Superstars (Sean Carey, Carol Chen, Yo-Shang Cheng, Anjana Dasu)
  • Energy Monitor (Jin Young Baik, Prateek Kakirwar, Janani Vasudev, Gopal Vaswani)
  • Recovery (Ben Cohen, Mike Lissner, Connor Riley)
  • Aging (Karen Braverman)
  • British Invasion (Michael Porath, Alex Smolen)

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