ISD Lecture

Service Innovation with Non-Designers

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Salu Ylirisku
This talk explore co-designing innovations with everyday people, i.e. non-designers. Salu Ylirisku will present an example case study that was conducted with a bank's phone service in order to develop knowledge management practices and tools. In the case study a combination contextual study and video scenario workshops were utilized together with a co-design approach with the bank's phone service workers. The project created new visions into ways to develop knowledge management in the bank. The talk will also examine experiences from essentially similar projects where new product and service innovations have been explored with non-designers.
Salu Ylirisku (M.Sc.) is a visiting researcher at PARC, and is a Computer Science and design researcher at the University of Art and Design Helsinki / School of Design. His current doctoral studies focus on the construction of new ideas in social and material interaction. The particular perspective that he utilizes in the study is called "design framing". Ylirisku has co-authored a book Designing with Video: Focusing the User-centred Design Process, which was published last Fall (2007) by Springer. He has also published several scientific articles on the processes of user-centered innovation.

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