Info 293

Information Management Practicum

0.5 units

Course Description

This course provides academic scaffolding for graduate students in the information sciences who are engaged in internships, practicums, or independent research while progressing toward a master’s or doctoral degree. We focus on applying academic principles for generating, managing, storing, communicating, and using information to professional contexts, which may include corporations, government entities, or non-governmental organizations. Course may be repeated for credit without restriction.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Assess the organizational culture of a company, governmental body, or non-governmental organization
  • Connect academic knowledge about information management to real-world professional contexts
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a variety of information science techniques when deployed in organizational situations
  • Integrate the student's own individual professional goals with the organization's needs relevant to the internship or practicum
  • Reflect critically on the internship or practicum experience


Consent of a Head Graduate Adviser for the School of Information

Last updated:

May 28, 2021