Info 290

Telecommunications and Media

3 units

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Course Description

Technology, competition, and user expectations are transforming the global telecommunications and media industries. New technologies are enabling novel means of delivering services and disrupting traditional business models, regulations, industry structure and alliances. This course focuses on the opportunities and challenges brought on by these emerging trends. Particular emphasis is placed on the rivalry between incumbents ("the establishment") and new entrants ("the disrupters") and on identifying opportunities for startups and other new entrants.

Topics are covered through a combination of lectures, class discussions, case studies, and first-hand accounts from guest speakers.

  • Broadband Policy and Municipal Networks
  • Service Provider Business Model and Economics
  • Long-Haul Networks
  • Communications in the Enterprise
  • Competition in the Last Mile
  • The Cable Guy
  • Virtual Service Providers
  • The New New Entrants
  • Broadcast Networks
  • Fiber in the Last Mile
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Music
  • The Value of Content
  • Digital Video

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January 10, 2017