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Managing Intellectual Property

1-3 units

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Intellectual Property has become an essential legal and business tool for companies across the world to protect their ideas and to create business opportunity. Moreover, managing intellectual property well is a complex and cross-functional activity that requires strategy, organization design, valuation, invention, law and commercialization expertise. This course is designed to introduce managers to the many facets of IP management, and to introduce the context for driving value in the enterprise. Guest speakers include Vice Presidents and managers from well-known companies who will introduce their company programs and explore how IP is best managed for value.

Course requirements: Midterm Group project, 1/3 grade Final Group project, 2/3 grade. Text books: Edison in the Boardroom, J. Davis and S. Harrison, Wiley & Sons, 2001. Reader with relevant articles and chapter reprints.

Patrick Sullivan is a partner in the ICM Group headquartered in Palo Alto and serves as CFO/COO. In this capacity he has among other things co-developed the Intellectual Asset Management practice, a joint initiative between Arthur Andersen and ICM Group and also has extensive experience calculating projected licensing revenues and patent damages from infringements. Prior to his joining ICM, he was the Internet Channel Development Manager at HP. He is the author of the recently published Edison in the Boardroom and holds and MBA from Haas in 1996.



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