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Leadership Analytics

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In this seminar we will investigate the frontier of the concept of leadership by exploring how data analytics can help leaders develop and perform better, and enable stakeholders to better track and govern the conduct of leader behaviors.

Data analytics is making inroads into all areas of the economy, including management. Yet the practice of leadership is still seen as an art, not a science. As a result, research on leadership has been restricted by limited data and limited perspectives. That may change with advances in data analytics. Yet that brings up fascinating issues such as can leadership ever be reduced to data analysis? And, if it can, should it be?

In particular, we will explore the concept of leadership development through the lens of analytics by trying to answer the following question: How can smarts “apps” help leaders practice leadership competencies, get feedback on their behaviors, and modify their behaviors in order to improve?

Topics to be included: leadership development, theories of personal development, “nudging” theory, deliberate practice theory, social feedback technology, and the examination of existing "apps" and online tools that can be applied to leadership analytics.

This workshop will be a discussion seminar, where we will all prepare the material for the class and discuss it as a group.

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September 30, 2019