Info 290

Electronic Publishing

1-3 units

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Course Description

This course explores electronic publishing from a project-based framework. Students are expected to define and develop an electronic publishing project, which can be experimental in nature and should propose new directions. The course is as concerned with the design and development process as with the end product.

The students examine and adapt project development methodologies usually associated with software development, including Rapid Prototyping and Object-oriented Design. We emphasize building flexible, multi-purpose systems that are open to change and reuse. In addition, students evaluate the technology behind electronic publishing systems and become familiar with emerging trends in designing and building systems.

Students become familiar with various aspects of the publishing business and incorporate marketing, production, and distribution considerations into their project. Invited speakers cover topics in electronic publishing as well.

At the end of the course, each student has developed a detailed project plan and a working prototype for an electronic publishing project that includes at least two different products for the same audience. The student is required to exploit multiple technologies.

Students are expected to collaborate on projects, acting in the role as a leader of their own project and as a consultant to other projects. Students evaluate the contributions made to his or her project by other students.

The goal of the course is to have students become familiar with the business, creative, and technical challenges of electronic publishing by developing and managing a project.



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January 10, 2017