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Digital Media Design Studio

1-3 units

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Course Description

IS290 Digital Media Design Studio is an advanced graduate level studio course in which students develop and present a digital media application prototype. Projects would ideally involve the creation, use, and reuse of digital media and metadata (descriptions of media content and structure). IS290 Digital Media Design Studio is the second course of a two course series that began with IS246 Multimedia Information and is intended to enable Fall IS246 students to implement, iterate, and present their projects designed in IS246.

The course will feature two different sessions per week: 90 minutes of lecture/seminar and 90 minutes of studio instruction. The lecture/seminar topics and readings will include advanced topics in digital media applications and multimedia information systems focused on the particular student projects being developed in the course. The lecture/seminar sessions will also feature several guest lectures from leading digital media researchers and designers. The studio sessions will involve in-class design sessions, presentations, and crit of student work. Group projects (3 — 5 students per team) are strongly encouraged. The course will culminate in a public presentation of student projects with guest evaluators from industry and academia.

This course is ideally suited to second year MIMS students who have taken IS246 and who wish to do a media-related MIMS Final Project. The course is also open to all students who have taken IS246. A small number of other students working on digital media projects will also be considered for participation in the course.

About the Instructor: Marc Davis is an Assistant Professor at the School of Information Management and Systems where he directs the Garage Cinema Research group. Prof. Davis' work is focused on creating the technology and applications that will enable daily media consumers to become daily media producers. His research and teaching encompass the theory, design, and development of digital media systems for creating and using media metadata to automate media production and reuse.


IS246 or consent of the instructor

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