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The Business of Nanotechnology

2 units

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Course Description

Offered for the first time in Fall, 2005, this is UC Berkeley's first course focused on nanotechnology-based business opportunities. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the core elements in this emerging field, specifically the scientific and technical basis of nanotechnology, the emerging business opportunities, and the policy issues that represent both threats and opportunities to nanotechnology investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. This course is particularly suited for those who anticipate founding or operating a technology company.

The course focuses on skills needed for the identification of opportunities that can lead to successful entrepreneurial ventures in nanotechnolgy, regardless of the individual's "home" skill set, whether managerial or technical. We examine in depth the many approaches being taken today to capitalize on opportunities in nanotechnology. Course material and speakers focus on executing marketing, technology development and strategic plans that integrate technological development with evolving customer requirements. A central goal of the course is to improve understanding of how the confluence of technological innovation, market forces and venture finance drives new technology ventures.

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