Info 287

Information and Communications Technologies for Social Enterprise

3 units

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This course is not currently offered.

Course Description

This class is focused on the creation of sustainable enterprises based on information and communications technology innovations supporting international development.

In this class, we take a broad view of entrepreneurship — including starting new businesses, non-profit initiatives, and/or public sector projects. We will take a highly iterative, design-oriented, feedback-driven approach to developing and refining business plans for social enterprises. At each stage, students will receive feedback from both experts and their peers. Ideas will be refined and expanded over the course of the semester by multi-disciplinary project teams, including the development of rough prototypes, identification of partners, determination of social impact metrics, and formulation of an operational strategy for pilot-testing the idea, demonstrating the potential for impact and generating sustainable funding.

The final deliverable will be a business plan and/or project proposal describing a product or service with a comprehensive implementation plan, including necessary partnerships, a funding/revenue model and appropriate next steps. These will be presented to a panel of experts for assessing their feasibility and potential for impact. The winning plan will be provided seed funding for travel over winter break to further flesh out their ideas and firm up partnerships. Course faculty and mentors will help students throughout this process, including in writing proposals for seed funding, or submitting to a social business plan competition, like GSVC.

Course Objectives:

  • Development of complete mini-business plans and/or project proposals for social enterprise ideas supporting international development
  • Provide students with experience conceiving social enterprises and developing project proposals or business plans, including developing prototypes, establishing partnerships, determining metrics for social impact, and pitching to potential funders

Formerly offered as Info 290.

Last updated:

February 15, 2019