Information Course Schedule summer 2014

Upper Division Courses

According to conventional wisdom, the “information age” began just a few decades ago and promptly superseded everything that went before it. But the issues we are wrestling with now—questions about piracy, privacy, trust, “information overload,” and the replacement of old media by new—all have their roots in the informational cultures of earlier periods. In this class we will take a long view of the development of these cultures and technologies, from the earliest cave painting and writing systems to the advent of print, photography and the telegraph to the emergence of the computer and Internet and the world of Twitter, Pinterest and beyond. In every instance, be focused on the chicken-and-egg questions of technological determinism: how do technological developments affect society and vice-versa?

MWF 10-12:30 (Session D: July 7 - August 15, 2014) | 2060 Valley LSB
Instructor(s): Blake Johnson

An introduction to high-level computer programming languages covering their basis in mathematics and logic. This course will guide students through the elements that compose any programming language including expressions, control of flow, data structures, and modularity via functions and/or objects. Covers traditional and contemporary programming paradigms including sequential, event-based, and object-oriented programming.

Students will also work towards writing code that integrates the graphical user interface, multiple input/output modes, and network connected computers. The course will culminate in web application programming in light of the emerging possibilities of Web 2.0. Programming style, multi-person programming projects, and debugging strategies will be covered as well.

Uses the PYTHON language.

MWF 9-11:30 (Session D: July 7 - August 15, 2014) | 210 South Hall
Instructor(s): Bruce Rinehart