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Becoming Tech Intentional

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Steve Jobs once proclaimed that the computer is like a  “bicycle for the mind”, designed to upgrade our cognitive capabilities and propel us in our intellectual pursuits. Over 30 years later, many of us have a far less constructive relationship with technology than Jobs had idealized -- since the rise of social media and mass internet adoption, the average person’s attention span and memory have been damaged by technology as opposed to enhanced by it. 

As the first generation to grow up with access to smartphones and social media, we have been bestowed an unfathomably powerful set of tools, but have received no guidelines or best practices for interacting with them constructively.  This course seeks to endow students with a practical approach to redesign their relationship with their devices in an effort to cultivate intentional digital practices and effectively leverage the tools at their fingertips to excel in school and beyond. 

This is a student-initiated group study course (DE-Cal). Please contact the student coordinator(s) for specific questions.

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June 10, 2022