Data Science 290

Special Topics

3 units

Course Description

Specific topics, may vary from section to section, year to year. Course may be repeated for credit when topic changes. Students may enroll in multiple sections of this course within the same semester.


MIDS students only

Courses Offered

This is a multi-topic and multidisciplinary course that explores contemporary and futuristic topics that are intertwined with data and data applications. This course synthesizes data and AI research, business and enterprise technology strategy, business and data business model, market analysis, leadership into one class. Students are required to participate in weekly sessions and write response pieces as well as a final paper and presentation studying one defining data application or emerging technology in ML/AI end-to-end. Students taking this course will further broaden and deepen their holistic understanding of current topics in data applications and will gain the skills to systematically and rigorously analyze any current data application or emerging applications in various industries. This course will include a leadership module to cultivate long-term strategic, management, and analytical insights and capabilities.  Equally important, this course trains students who aspire to be data science leaders who can effectively communicate, collaborate, innovate alongside their business and non-technical stakeholders in any organizational environment. This is the course for you if you want to develop a deep understanding on both the technical side and the applied side in various contemporary and emerging machine learning and artificial intelligence domains and markets, and how the modern applications impact data science practitioners and the general population.

Last updated:

February 17, 2022