Data Science

Related Faculty

305A South Hall
(510) 643-6388
Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Focus: Social exchange, social psychology, social networks and information exchange

313 South Hall
(510) 643-2754
Adjunct Professor
Focus: Information-intensive systems and services, semantic standards, information policy, business innovation and entrepreneurship

207B South Hall
(510) 642-6046
Focus: Information retrieval system design and evaluation

211 South Hall
(510) 642-1366
Assistant Professor (I School and Graduate School of Education)
Focus: Educational data mining, learning analytics, Formative assessment

203B South Hall
(510) 643-3755
Professor (I School and Dept. of Political Science)
Focus: International politics, international business, and the information economy.

Recent Research News

Pardos is an expert in the emerging field of educational data mining — applying data science methodologies to online learning environments to understand student learning.