Data Science

Related Faculty

207C South Hall
(510) 642-4583
Assistant Professor
Focus: Development Economics, Data Science, Econometrics, Machine Learning, ICTD
305A South Hall
(510) 643-6388
Associate Professor
Focus: Social exchange, social psychology, social networks and information exchange
303A South Hall
Focus: Bio-sensory computing; information economics and policy
313 South Hall
(510) 643-2754
Adjunct Professor
Focus: Information-intensive systems and services, semantic standards, information policy, business innovation and entrepreneurship
207B South Hall
(510) 642-6046
Focus: Information retrieval system design and evaluation
211 South Hall
Assistant Professor (I School and Graduate School of Education)
Focus: Education data mining, learning analytics, digital learning environments
203B South Hall
(510) 643-3755
Professor (I School and Dept. of Political Science)
Focus: International politics, international business, and the information economy; Cybersecurity; Behavioral economics within Information Systems

Recent Research News

Bamman’s work applies natural language processing and machine learning techniques to empirical questions in the humanities and social sciences.
The dataset could help answer whether it’s possible to accurately use consumer-grade devices to interpret attention level in a problem-solving test. The class hopes that other researchers will be able to repeat the experiment with even larger subject pools.
Pardos is an expert in the emerging field of educational data mining — applying data science methodologies to online learning environments to understand student learning.