Employer Resources

The I School offers opportunities throughout the year to connect with students both on campus and remotely. We are happy to partner with you in building a strong presence at the I School and tailoring a recruiting plan that best fits your needs.

Below are some examples of ways to connect with students. If you are interested in learning more about ways to become involved with the I School, please contact us at

Post a Job or Internship

Employers are always invited to share job and internship announcements with the I School. Email your job listing to , and we’ll share it with our students and/or alumni via our internal job board. 

For more information on summer internships for I School students, please see our internship guidelines.

Information Sessions, Technical talks, and "I-Tea" Events

Information Sessions
Meet students by sharing information about your organization through a presentation on your company culture, values, or experiences. Presentations such as “A day in the life of a front end developer,” “How we enable innovation,” or “Design principles @ work” can help a student visualize working at your company and determine if it would be a good fit for their interests, personality, and strengths.

We are happy to help you showcase your organization in the best way possible. to learn more about holding an information session for I School, either on campus or via our virtual platform.

Technical Talks
Students are always interested in gaining insight as to the technical or business challenges your company has worked with and how they could add value. Technical talks is a way to generate excitement about what your company is doing and what skills are essential to success. Samples topics include "design challenges", "creating a startup: making an idea a reality", "data science at work", "scaling up", etc.

to learn more about hosting a technical talk on campus at I School or via our virtual platform.

I School holds weekly "I-Tea" events, which are a chance for the student community to gather informally and connect on a regular basis. Hosting or serving as a special guest at an I-Tea gives you an opportunity to quickly present general information on your organization to a large audience as well as network informally with students. To learn more about participating in an I-Tea, contact .

Networking Events

The I School plans a variety of networking events throughout the year, connecting employers and students in an informal, conversational setting. Employers who attend will have the opportunity to introduce their organization, as well as current/future opportunities, and speak with students directly about their interests and skills. Participating in a networking event is a great way to help students gain insight into your organization. You can see more about upcoming networking opportunities by visiting the events page or emailing for more information.

Panel Discussions

A great way to meet students is by having a member of your organization participate on one of our career panels, which are held virtually or on campus. These panel discussions allow students to hear more about particular career paths, including challenges, opportunities, and advice on job searching. The conversations during the panel often provide students with a sense of what working at your organization would look like and if their skills and strengths would be a good fit. Panels are structured to begin with a meaningful panelist introduction and then allocate most of the time for student Q&A. Visit the events page to see upcoming scheduled panel discussions or email for more information. 

Skill-building Events

Events such as portfolio design workshops, resume review nights, or technical interviewing seminars can be a creative way to learn more about I School students and build awareness of your organization. These events are held throughout the year and employers are invited to participate in a variety of ways, including sending guest speakers and hosting or sponsoring events. Please visit the events page to see the currently scheduled events or contact to learn more and participate.

Attend a Career Fair

I School plans annual career fairs for our students. Employers who attend a career fair each have designated table space to present information and meet with students who want to learn more about you!

See our Employer Events page to sign up for an upcoming Career Fair, or email us at to be notified when future Career Fairs are scheduled.

Contact Us

Rebecca Andersen
Associate Director of Career Services

(510) 664-4915

We look forward to working with you! Contact us today to explore these opportunities as well as other ways to connect with the I School.