The app, which allows users to explore over 700,000 items from the Hearst Museum of Anthropology, won the grand prize in this weekend’s “HackTheHearst” hackathon.

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October 6
Ari Gesher, engineering ambassador at Palantir Technologies, speaks about the design principles of his forthcoming book.
October 8
Frederick R. Chang is the director of SMU’s Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security and the former director of research at the National Security Agency.
October 14
Kai Huotari’s analysis of TV live-tweeting identifies 4 types of live-tweeters, 4 categories of tweets, and a range of live-tweeting practices that make the live-tweeter an empowered TV viewer.
October 29
It works for marketing. It works for finance. And now, big data and predictive analytics are working for HR.

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A collection of innovative student projects from the School of Information's Master of Information and Data Science program, summer 2014.
Facebook is grappling with its impact on our social and emotional lives  —  and that’s a good thing. But it has to get the research right. Why Facebook did the experiment, and how to make it better.
6 students with 6 very different jobs describe what they did, how they got there, and what they learned from the experience.