An analysis of 17,500 restaurant menus from the 1850s to the present, exploring the evolution of food tastes and prices

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October 7
New data technologies pervade our institutions, but the data revolution is far from complete. Doug Cutting of Cloudera discusses some of the current challenges, both technical and social.
October 14

Katie Shilton is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland whose research explores ethics in mobile application development.

November 5
Thinking about attending the School of Information? Come to our open house to meet current students and learn more about the MIMS program.
November 13
A one-day conference bringing together data experts from industry, research, and academia. Come hear how organizations fit data science into their business practice, discuss the best way to pursue data-driven projects, explore the legal, policy, and ethical implications of data, and learn best practices.

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“We’re going to have much less privacy in the future,” says Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, UC Berkeley’s new university librarian. Privacy and surveillance are caught in an arms race, but surveillance is going to win that arms race.
Is technology affecting our mental health? Can technology support free speech and still protect against harassment? How do we embed our biases in big data algorithms? The Center for Technology, Society & Policy wants to explore these questions and more.
Nine alumnae shared memories of Berkeley in the 1960s and the changes in library practice in the last half-century.