Friday, November 6, 2015 - Saturday, November 7, 2015
6:00 pm
South Hall, UC Berkeley
Hack for a cause: Make public data easier to access & analyze. The Social Innovation Hackathon features real-world challenges from the California Civic Data Coalition. Take jumbled, ugly data and make it beautiful!

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October 14

Katie Shilton is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland whose research explores ethics in mobile application development.

November 5
Thinking about attending the School of Information? Come to our open house to meet current students and learn more about the MIMS program.
November 13
A one-day conference bringing together data experts from industry, research, and academia. Come hear how organizations fit data science into their business practice, discuss the best way to pursue data-driven projects, explore the legal, policy, and ethical implications of data, and learn best practices.

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MIMS alumni Shreyas and Divya Anand presented their 2014 MIMS final project this week in London.
Position will begin July 2016; applications are due December 14.
“We’re going to have much less privacy in the future,” says Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, UC Berkeley’s new university librarian. Privacy and surveillance are caught in an arms race, but surveillance is going to win that arms race.