Info 290. Mixing and Remixing Information

Course Description: 

This course focuses on employing XML and web services to reuse or "remix" digital content and services. Students will learn practical tools and techniques to recombine personal information through hands-on explorations and projects.

Topics include:

  • weblogs, wikis, and their underlying technologies
  • content syndication via RSS
  • building applications on top of Flickr, the image sharing site, and delicious, and other social bookmarking sites
  • incorporating content from libraries via new digital library technologies
  • sending content to the campus' new learning management system, bSpace
  • exploiting the XML of and Microsoft Office to create and manipulate "smart documents"
  • incorporating geospatial services into the mix of services

Students are expected to have some basic knowledge of XML. No experience with web services is expected.


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Spring 2010
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Spring 2006
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