Career Paths

MIMS Careers

Although the I School’s Master of Information Management and Systems (MIMS) program does not designate specializations or degree tracks, many of our MIMS students follow similar career paths. You will find our alumni working in human computer interaction (HCI) and usability testing, product or project management, technical or management consulting, web services, information architecture, database management and design, mobile software development, and information services.

The private sector draws the greatest number of I School graduates — 75 to 85 percent depending on the class. Recent private sector employers include Twitter, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and SalesForce. Public sector employers include UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, the UC Office of the President, the US Coast Guard, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, the Library of Congress, and public libraries across the country.

MIMS Career Survey

I School MIMS graduates have been extremely successful in their job searches. These students have accepted full-time positions in academia, government, non-profit and the private sectors.

MIMS Summer Internship Survey

Traditionally there are no courses offered at the School of Information during the summer sessions. A majority of students in the MIMS program choose to participate in a paid internship between the first and second year of their studies. The internships provide the students with an opportunity to build upon the knowledge gained from their studies and acquire valuable practical work experience in the field of Information.

MIDS Careers

Data scientist is “the sexiest job of the 21st Century,” according to the Harvard Business Review. The I School’s MIDS program prepares students to be data-savvy professionals and managers in both private and non-profit organizations. A recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute concludes, “a shortage of the analytical and managerial talent necessary to make the most of Big Data is a significant and pressing challenge (for the U.S.).” The report estimates that there will be four to five million jobs in the U.S. requiring data analysis skills by 2018, and  1.5 million more jobs for managers and analysts with deep analytical and technical skills “who can ask the right questions and consume the results of analysis of big data effectively.”

The field of data science is emerging at the intersection of the fields of social science and statistics, information and computer science, and design. The UC Berkeley School of Information is ideally positioned to bring these disciplines together and to provide students with the research and professional skills to succeed in leading edge organizations.

Ph.D. Careers

The I School’s doctoral program is research-oriented. Students choose specific fields of specialization, prepare sufficiently in the literature and the research of those fields to pass written and oral examinations, and complete original research culminating in a written dissertation. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred in recognition of a candidate’s grasp of a broad field of learning and distinguished accomplishment in that field through contribution of an original piece of research revealing high critical ability and powers of imagination and synthesis.

I School Ph.D. graduates may go on to careers in academia, industry, or the public sector. Today you will find them in faculty positions or conducting post-doctoral research at leading universities, contributing their expertise to enterprises like Yahoo!, and leading research efforts at technology think-tanks.