Modeling the Adoption of New Network Architectures

D. Joseph, N. Shetty, J. Chuang, I. Stoica. Modeling the Adoption of New Network Architectures, Proceedings of ACM CoNEXT, December 2007.


We propose an economic model based on user utility to study the adoption of new network architectures such as IPv6. We use mathematical analysis and simulation studies to understand the role of various factors such as user and network bene ts, switching costs, and the impact of converters on the adoption of new network architectures. In addition to corroborating various commonly held beliefs about new network architecture adoption, our analysis and simulation studies also reveal several surprising and non-intuitive results. For example, while in general, increasing the ef ciency of converters hastens the adoption of new network architectures, there are cases in which more ef cient converters hinder the adoption of such architectures. This and other results in the paper increase our understanding of new network architecture adoption and guide the design and implementation of mechanisms to hasten new network architecture adoption.


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September 20, 2016