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If you are considering applying to the I School, we encourage you to come experience our community first-hand. A campus visit can help you determine if the I School is the right fit for you.

For a more comprehensive tour of the Berkeley campus, you can also arrange UC Berkeley campus tours through Visitor Services.

Class Visits

Come experience an I School class for yourself. Classes open to prospective students this fall include:

Info 216. Computer-Mediated Communication
This course covers the practical and theoretical issues associated with computer-mediated communication (CMC) systems (e.g., email, newsgroups, wikis, online games, etc.). We will focus on the analysis of CMC practices, the relationship between technology and behavior, and the design and implementation issues associated with constructing CMC systems.

Info 232. Applied Behavioral Economics
"Behavioral Economics" is one important perspective on how information impacts human behavior. The goal of this class is to deploy a few important theories about the relationship between information and behavior, into practical settings — emphasizing the design of experiments that can now be incorporated into many 'applications' in day-to-day life.

Info 290. Sensors, Humans, Data, Apps
Just as the web browser brought us click-stream data and the mobile phone brought us geo-location data, ubiquitous low-cost sensors integrated with wearable and Internet-of-Things devices will bring us a new torrent of user data to collect, analyze, and exploit. The course takes a hands-on approach to exploring the possibilities and limitations of consumer-grade sensing technologies for physiological and contextual data.

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Meetings with Current Students

Our students can provide the most personal insight into our programs and life at the I School. They look forward to talking with you!

To be connected with a current student, please email and we will help set up a meeting. Note that it may take up to two weeks to arrange a meeting for you. The best times to visit are during the school year, mid-September through the end of April.

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November 14, 2016