5th Year MIDS Need-Based Fellowship

The 5th Year MIDS Need-Based Fellowship will support 5th Year MIDS students in pursuing their graduate education. Admitted students are required to complete a fellowship application by the deadline listed below.

Fall 2022 Fellowship Application Deadline

April 3, 2022


The 5th Year MIDS Need-Based Fellowship is open to all UC Berkeley School of Information 5th Year MIDS Fall 2022 admitted students.

To assess a student’s eligibility for need-based aid, the I School takes into consideration all possible resources (including cash, savings, investments, trust funds, real estate equity, GI and Social Security benefits, student and spouse income, other familial resources, sponsorships from companies, and prior educational debt levels). If necessary, the committee may request additional information to help assess need.

Consideration will also be given to admitted students whose background and life experiences contribute significantly to an educationally beneficial and diverse mix of students. This may include applicants who have had limited access to educational resources, who represent geographic diversity, who have persevered over economic disadvantage, who have shown exceptional fortitude by working many hours to support themselves during their education, and/or whose experiences have brought about a perspective not widely represented within the program. The fellowship review committee may also review your admissions application for additional information.

Application Process

Admitted students must submit a 5th Year MIDS Need-Based Fellowship application, which comprises an essay and financial background information. 5th Year MIDS Need-Based Fellowship packages range from $5,000 to $40,000 and are awarded to a limited number of admitted 5th Year MIDS students.

The essay should answer this prompt: Please explain your financial circumstances and describe how you believe your background and life experiences will contribute to our goals of creating an educationally beneficial and diverse class. Specifically, please address the following, if applicable.

  • Have experienced financial hardship as a result of family economic circumstances.
  • Part of an underserved group such as youth in foster care, historically underrepresented minority student, first in family to pursue a college degree.
  • Belong to a low income family and have had limited access to educational resources.
  • How the award money would contribute towards your success in 5th Year MIDS.

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January 26, 2022