5th Year MIDS Degree Requirements

The 5th Year Master of Information and Data Science (5th Year MIDS) program takes an interdisciplinary approach to data science instruction and equips students for careers in organizations that are relying increasingly on data to make decisions.

5th Year MIDS is a four-semester program requiring 27 units of study**, which will be completed over the fall, spring, summer, and fall terms.

Foundation Courses

The five foundation courses provide a broad interdisciplinary introduction to the essential data science skills and practices, as well as preparation for more advanced electives.

Students learn to derive insights from real-world data sets, using the latest tools and analytical methods to interpret and communicate their findings in ways that influence decision-making, changing both minds and behaviors in a variety of settings.

Students take their foundation courses in small seminars with other 5th Year MIDS students. Small class sizes and the small cohort size foster teamwork and strengthen relationships within the 5th Year MIDS program.

* Students with a strong foundation in the relevant topics may be eligible to waive DATASCI 200, 203, and/or 205. Students who waive these foundation courses take additional advanced DATASCI electives.

Advanced Courses

Starting in the second semester, 5th Year MIDS students take advanced electives with other MIDS students. We recommend that 5th Year MIDS students consider these advanced courses, based on the course sequencing and prerequisites:

Students with other specific professional interests or backgrounds may take other advanced courses from the DATASCI catalog

Capstone Project

The capstone project is the culmination of the 5th Year MIDS program and cements the skills learned throughout the program — both core data science skills and professional skills like problem-solving, communication, influencing, and management — preparing students for success in the field. Students complete their final projects in groups during their final semester.

Immersion Program

Students attend at least one in-person or virtual Immersion Program before the end of their final term. The Immersion Program provides additional learning, networking, and community-building opportunities to MIDS students. More information

Summer Internship

During the summer semester, most 5th Year MIDS students participate in an internship in order to use their newly acquired skills in real-world settings. Assistance in arranging internships will be provided whenever possible, but the ultimate responsibility of obtaining the internship is the student’s. The internship is not a degree requirement.

During the summer, students also take DATASCI 293, which helps students apply academic knowledge to real-world professional contexts.

Program Length

The 5th Year MIDS program is four consecutive semesters (fall, spring, summer, and fall). Students are required to be registered for these four consecutive semesters.

Courses contain both live sessions and asynchronous content. Students are required to be online (and on camera and audio) for at least 90 minutes weekly per course for the live, synchronous sessions. Courses are typically held Monday through Friday 2–3:30 pm, 4–5:30 pm, and 6:30–8 pm Pacific Time.

5th Year MIDS requires foundational knowledge of data structures, algorithms and analysis of algorithms, and linear algebra. Students who lack a working knowledge of these fundamental concepts will be asked to complete bridge coursework prior to starting 5th Year MIDS.

Course Sequence

Fall semester

Spring semester

Summer semester

Second fall semester

* Students with a strong foundation in the relevant topics may be eligible to waive DATASCI 200, 203, and/or 205. Students who waive these course requirements take additional advanced DATASCI electives.

** The Minnesota Office of Higher Education requires Minnesota residents to complete 30 units to earn their 5th Year MIDS degree. Minnesota residents take one additional advanced course.

Last updated:

June 1, 2023