Alumni (MIDS 2019)

Data Science

Alumni (MIDS 2023)

Power online fraud detection and risk mitigation using data-science

Alumni (MIDS 2021)

Master the skills needed to make (human) healthcare more predictable and precise.

Alumni (MIMS 2024)

Software Engineering and Product Management

Alumni (MIDS 2023)

Healthcare, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, D&I, Ethics, Diagnostics, Drug Discovery

Alumni (MIDS 2020)

AI Tehcnology

Alumni (5th Year MIDS 2023)

LLM Agent and ML Product Development

PhD Student

Financing biodiversity and climate-positive interventions through robust monitoring and verification; monitoring and protection of global and local commons, using machine learning and remote sensing to inform robust policymaking

Alumni (MIDS 2022)

Alumni (MIMS 2018)

Alumni (MIMS 2020)

User Experience Research; Data Science