Lecturer Data Science

Alumni (MIDS 2023)

Software Engineering and Data Science

Alumni (MIDS 2022)

Communicating Technical Results, Natural Language Processing

Alumni (MIDS 2017)

I'm at Cal to develop more lenses to view the world with.


Machine learning, recommendation engines and entrepreneurship

Alumni (MIMS 2023)

NLP, Machine Learning, Cultural Analytics, Literary Studies, Data Science

MIMS Student 2025

Data Science, Information Law & Policy

Alumni (MIDS 2022)

Climate Science and Clean Energy

Alumni (MIDS 2021)

Sony Music Data Science Consultant and Entrepreneur

Alumni (5th Year MIDS 2021)

I'm interested in creating technology that promotes social equity and diversity in our rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Alumni (MIDS 2023)

I am a hands-on technical leader with broad business experience. I believe in combining deep technical skills and social sciences to achieve high impact goals in organizations in our world.

Alumni (MIDS 2022)

Improve upon my Industry gained skills in Data Science and Natural Language Processing