Alumni (MIMS 2014)

Focus: Information Security


Focus: Analytics, Big Data, data visualization, data mining, health care informatics, fraud detection, anomaly detection, machine learning, human-computer...
Spencer Stephens

MICS Student

Focus: Threats from IoT, vulnerabilities in systems hardware and how policy makers can address the dynamic nature of cybersecurity.

MIDS Student

Focus: I am primarily interested in tackling the data streams coming out of the markets for renewable energy and energy efficiency in order to further...
Lazar Stojkovic

Alumni (MIMS 2014)

Focus: User experience, product management, entrepreneurship

MIDS Student

Focus: Leverage real-time machine learning techniques to enhance customer experiences
My profile

MIDS Student

Focus: I would like to focus on the application of data science at scale to the field of insurance and reinsurance of natural catastrophe events

MIMS Student 2020

Focus: HCI, UX Research, Data Science

Alumni (MIMS 2012)

Focus: Mobile Computing,ICTD, User Interface Design, Information System Design,Human Computer Interaction, ERP systems, Databases, Information Retrieval
Sudha Subramanian

MIDS Student

Focus: Data specialist with over 22 years of professional experience encompassing the building of analytics-based solutions and applying statistical...

Alumni (MIMS 2015)

Focus: data science, user experience and interface design, project management, quantified self, visualization

Alumni (MIMS 2012)

Focus: Product Management, Information Organization & Retrieval, Service Design, Mobile Information Technology & Web Apps

Alumni (MIDS 2017)

Focus: I would like to focus on methodology to convert data to usable products in the IoT space.

MIMS Student 2019

Focus: Hi! I come from a Consulting background and I have focused my studies on Data science/ analytics and Product Management.