Alumni (PhD 2016)

human-computer interaction, art making, fabrication, and new materialist theory

MIDS Student

Using Data Science in search and unstructured data extraction

Alumni (MIMS 2014)

Product development, UX design & research, Human-computer interaction.

MIDS Student

I work in a computational biology lab where I develop web applications for clinicians to analyze genomic data in precision medicine. My current focus...
Michael Diamond Speaking on Data Poetry at Sand Cherry July 2017

MIDS Student

Passionate about "data poetry." Harnessing actionable insights at the intersection of storytelling and analytics to drive change and growth
Steve Dille

MIDS Student

As a B2B software industry executive, my focus is in learning how to better apply data science to AI and machine learning oriented software products.

Alumni (MIMS 2018)


MIDS Student

Jack of all trades, master of... hopefully information and data science.

Alumni (MIDS 2018)

Digital Disease Detection | Population Health Analytics | Healthcare NLP I am a curious data geek with an analytical business mindset whose passion...
photo of Robert Donaway

MIDS Student

In the MIDS program I hope to study natural language processing applications of data science.

MIDS Student

Use NLP and Machine learning skills to solve real world business problems
Austin Doolittle

MIDS Student

Passionate about Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Currently a Software Engineer at Gentex Corporation.

Alumni (MIDS 2019)

Leading machine learning research at Comcast Labs in Sunnyvale, CA

PhD Student
Alumni (MIMS 2010)
Former Lecturer

location-based services, privacy & security, privacy-by-design, multistakeholderism, Web standards

MIDS Student

Biological Data Science

Alumni (MIDS 2016)

I want to work using predictive analytics to improve the way leaders think and make decisions. My ambition is to build excellent quantitative models...
Ollie Downs’ Face

MIDS Student 2020

Human Contexts and Ethics in Data Science; Accessibility; LGBTQ+ Issues and Data Science

MIDS Student

I have an engineering background and join as a MIDS student starting summer 2018.