MIDS Student

Focus: I intend to use the knowledge I gain from the MIDS program to move into a management consulting position at my current firm focusing on Big Data...

Alumni (PhD 2016)

Focus: human-computer interaction, art making, fabrication, and new materialist theory

MIDS Student

Focus: Using Data Science in search and unstructured data extraction

Alumni (MIMS 2014)

Focus: Product development, UX design & research, Human-computer interaction.

MIDS Student

Focus: I work in a computational biology lab where I develop web applications for clinicians to analyze genomic data in precision medicine. My current focus...
Michael Diamond Speaking on Data Poetry at Sand Cherry July 2017

MIDS Student

Focus: Passionate about "data poetry." Harnessing actionable insights at the intersection of storytelling and analytics to drive change and growth
Steve Dille

MIDS Student

Focus: As a B2B software industry executive, my focus is in learning how to better apply data science to AI and machine learning oriented software products.

Alumni (MIMS 2018)


Alumni (MIDS 2018)

Focus: Digital Disease Detection | Population Health Analytics | Healthcare NLP I am a curious data geek with an analytical business mindset whose passion...

MIDS Student

Focus: Use NLP and Machine learning skills to solve real world business problems
Austin Doolittle

MIDS Student

Focus: Passionate about Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Currently a Software Engineer at Gentex Corporation.

MIDS Student

Focus: Leading machine learning research at Comcast Labs in Sunnyvale, CA

PhD Student
Alumni (MIMS 2010)
Former Lecturer

Focus: location-based services, privacy & security, privacy-by-design, multistakeholderism, Web standards

MIDS Student

Focus: Biological Data Science

Alumni (MIDS 2016)

Focus: I want to work using predictive analytics to improve the way leaders think and make decisions. My ambition is to build excellent quantitative models...

MIDS Student

Focus: I have an engineering background and join as a MIDS student starting summer 2018.

Professor of the Graduate School, Emerita

Focus: History of information, music information

Adjunct Professor
305B South Hall
Focus: The concept of information; the history of information; the history of trademarks and their informational role; critical information studies.