MIDS Student

I'm a Data Scientist at The Hartford. I'm here to learn advanced data science topics.
Preethi Raju

MIDS Student

Interested in Data Science, Statistics, ML and AI
Anuj Ramakrishnan

Alumni (MIMS 2019)

Data Science and Analytics

Alumni (MIMS 2020)

Product Management, UX Research
Karthik Rameshbabu

MIDS Student

Looking forward to exploring the field of Data Science and figuring out the space of problems I hope to tackle! ~ MIDs Spring 2020 Cohort
Simón Ramírez Amaya

PhD Student

ICTD, Development Economics, Network Analysis

MIDS Student

Interested in application of Data Science across various fields of Retail and Financial markets.
Emily Rapport

Alumni (MIDS 2020)

Deep learning, natural language processing, and leveraging diverse teams to solve problems using data.
Dan Rasband Profile

Alumni (MIDS 2019)

Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning