Philipp Hofsommer

Visiting Student Researcher


VC PhD researcher from GER // Teaching Innovation & Entrepreneurial Finance @CDTM @TUM @LMU

Research areas


Passionate about Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Looking for people and institutions in the business angel, venture capital and innovation space to connect, educate and empower the innovators of tomorrow. Currently part of the management team and university lecturer at CDTM while researching in the fields of Venture Capital firm performance and the relationship between VC firms and their Limited Partners.M.Sc. in Management graduate from Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU, Germany) & EMLYON (FR) with strong finance / innovation focus, analytical, organisational and communication skills combined with 6+ years of work experiences in Finance, Sales and Strategy in the banking, automotive, education and tech industry in Germany, Singapore and the UK.

Last updated:

July 6, 2022