Micheline Casey

MIDS Student


I've chosen to enroll in the MIDS program to improve my technical knowledge of data science. I've overseen teams doing the work, but would like to have more practical technical understanding and experience.


Business Strategy
Data Science
Information Policy


Senior executive with over 15 years experience helping organizations use data and analytics for growth and to achieve strategic objectives. Deep experience in both startups and large organizations in data, innovation, strategy, analytics, monetization, engineering, transformation, and business development.Interested in leading and scaling organizations; leveraging data to disrupt existing business models; design-centered thinking approaches to data products, services, and processes; and, building fun organizations and cultures that thrive on pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Industry experience in financial services, insurance, healthcare, energy, and others. 

* Passionate about pushing boundaries with data, analytics, and tech, and applying design thinking to improve product and service delivery. 
* Innovation, monetization, and digital transformation through data and analytics.
* Highly experienced in leading complex data strategy, analytics and digital service delivery through strong collaborative efforts and nuanced organizational politics. 
* Internationally recognized expert in the role of the Chief Data Officer and in data innovation. 
In addition to my day job, in my board work I analyze executive compensation and retention strategies, corporate governance and policies, and help guide strategic planning efforts. 

Last updated:

July 18, 2018