Michael Banister

Alumni (MLS 1977)


I attended the Library School from 1976-77 and received my MLS.


I worked as a librarian for 9 years--Richmond Public, Solano County, Robert College of Istanbul, Head Royce School in Oakland.  Then I went to law school and practiced law for 23 years at the California Attorney General's Office, doing criminal appeals in the Appeals, Writs and Trials section.  I retired from there in 2011 and now am a volunteer attorney for military veterans.  I published a novel in April 2015, Stolen Identity.  Here's the website: http://www.stolenidentitynovel.com

The novel's review will appear September 15, 2015 in the print and digital versions of Kirkus Reviews, the preeminent professional review journal read by thousands of librarians and booksellers all over the USA.


Golden Gate University School of Law, JD 1991.

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June 24, 2019