Lisa Minas

Alumni (MIDS 2017)


I'm interested in the analysis and management of data to answer complex business questions. I enjoy uncovering stories from the numbers and collaborating with other like-minded technical analysis.


Business Strategy
Data Science
Product Management
Project Management


My work experience as a research and business analyst has developed my broad range of programming and reporting skills, given me strong analytic capabilities, and taught me how to manipulate large data sets to help drive informed business decisions. I am able to leverage statistical methods and effective visualization techniques to drive the understanding, growth, and success of a product. I have programming and quantitative analytic skills in SQL, VBA, MicroStrategy, Python, Excel, Access, and SAS. 

Outside of work I enjoy being creative, dancing, and enjoying the great pacific northwest. I go West Coast Swing Dancing most Saturday nights and play board games with friends. I look forward to one day having two dogs and a house where I can garden.

Last updated:

March 7, 2021